• Americanite Mery Marino


      This version of the Mery blazer, probably APEZ's most feminine piece, is made of a wool blend. Its structured figure and subtle shoulder pads make it the perfect ally for any time of the day.

    • Classic Balloon Cape

      APEZ's classic balloon cape is made of MIKADO. This fabric, together with the tulle inside, means that the cape does not lose volume and that each person can accentuate the volume where it suits them best.
    • Balloon Cape with Sequins

      Now we present to you the most glamorous balloon cape in the collection. Perfect for any occasion and especially for next Christmas, it is the first time that we present the balloon cape in two fabrics thanks to the cut that we have added to the pattern. Are you not convinced about the color? We remind you that at APEZ we customize everything so contact us to find yours!
    • Globe Domes Cape


      Balloon cape made of printed Mikado. This fabric, together with the tulle layer inside, prevents the cape from losing volume and allows each person to accentuate the volume wherever it suits them best. The cape can be closed with an XXL clasp and also with a chain with a carabiner that allows the cape to be worn open.

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